Established in Year 2005; RF Electronics manufactures, designs and services RF/ Microwave test products.

With engineering expertise rooted in RF equipment manufacturing/testing, HE has developed the product family of Customized RF Shield box, Modularized Filters and pre-certified test bed which sets a new standard for quality, cost, availability, and simplicity. Our Pre-Certified test bed services include equipment assembly, systems integration, and testing cutting edge wireless technologies.

Hardik Electronics specializes in design and development of Modular I/O Filter Plates with variety of connector options. This enables an easy to install and providing best shielding effectiveness of RF Shield Box made by using Modular I/O Filter Plates.

Hardik Electronics provides a customized integrated RF Shield Box for manual or automatic testing at an off-the-shelf solution price. Hardik Electronics bridges the gap by not only manufacturing but providing a complete ready to use integrated RF Shield Box with Pre-certified test solution at the same time providing the RF shielding needed for repeatability within your budget and schedule.

Hardik Electronics also provides off-the-shelf range of computer peripherals and Networking Components i.e: Motherboards, Server Chassis, Hard Disk Drives , RAM-Modules , KVM Switches, and Media Converters etc.

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