• Bench-top RF Shield Box.
  • Designed and Developed for WLAN , Wireless device testing.
  • Ideal for 802.11a, b, g, n, ac
  • Bluetooth, RFID, 3G Device testing

Internal DimensionsWidth: 575 MM, Height: 425 MM, Depth : 575 MM

External DimensionsWidth: 625 MM, Height: 475 MM, Depth : 625 MM

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Features of HDRF-1970-D

  • Designed and Developed for WLAN, Wireless device testing
  • Ideal for 802.11a, b, g, n, ac, ax
  • Bluetooth, RFID, 3G Device testing.
  • Wide range of I/O connector options.
  • Thick RF absorbing foam deadens standing waves and reflections.
  • Higher Level Isolation up-to 6GHz for accurate performance.
  • Equipped with shielded power filters for power connection in the box while still blocking all wireless signals.
  • Ideal for bench-top shield box applications. Rugged welded aluminium construction for long life.
  • Customized Size to suit application specific requirements, ideal for test platforms.

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