MIMO Antenna Assembly for Shield Box


  • MIMO Antenna setup assembly customized for HDRF-series shield boxes
  • Equipped with log periodic antenna 800 Mhz ~ 6GHz
  • Equipped with dual band wifi antenna 

Internal DimensionsWidth: 707 MM, Height: 578 MM, Depth : 668 MM

External DimensionsWidth: 785 MM, Height: 635 MM, Depth : 785 MM

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Features of HDRF-MIMOST3170

  • Plastic Ball Joint at the base of each antenna provides precise control of polarization and pointing.
  • Vertically Adjustbale Antenna Slide Rail
  • The antennas with ball joint brackets  are mounted onto plastic rails and easily adjusted using plastic thumb screws to distribute around the walls and ceiling  of the shield box for optimum MIMO and MuMIMO Gains.
  • Ideal for IRAT / Throughput Vs Range / Roaming Tests.

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